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Individual Services

Lookie here (as my Southern relatives say)!  Personally tailored assistance and coaching are available to suit each candidate's individual needs. 



Resume Writing/
Interview Coaching


This is what I'm known for. I love stomping out typos, and helping you find the right language to present yourself on paper in a way that gets attention! 


With my Recruiting and interviewing background, I can provide honest, unbiased feedback, administering an employer's perspective on  your personal strengths and weaknesses as a 'potential candidate.'


During mock interviews, I explain why certain questions are asked, and the best types of answers! 






Whether you need help writing your first resume, or multiple pages of content for a personal website, I am happy to discuss projects large, or small.


Editing and brainstorming sessions are also available for college students (or recent grads) working on entrance essays or cover letters. 







On-Site Admin Coaching

Having a tough time at work? A lot of common problems between Assistants and their Supervisors come from a difference in communication and organizational styles. In assisting 50+ Executives and Producer types over the years, I've developed a keen sense of awareness in assessing an individual's needs and how to provide the most efficient solutions.


I can work with both sides of the team (Executive and Assistant) or just one at a time. Together we will find the root of the problem and come up with creative solutions to help streamline workflow and improve communication.








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